Singer-songwriter Purcella brings the “limelight” of stardom, and the dreams of a young girl making her way in the music industry into fruition, by depicting the double-edged sword of seeking fame in her hit song “Hollywood,” as a dream that is fleeting yet ever-present.

There’s something about Hollywood that just feels dreamy. Maybe it’s the Walk of Fame or an award show attendee that seems to radiate perfection after 20 hours of hair, makeup, and fake tanning. Whatever it is, Hollywood has a certain allure that draws people in.

Hollywood can so often be beautifully wrapped in tragedy…the satisfaction of fulfilled dreams and the sadness of broken ones. Marilyn Monroe was so beautiful and alluring, but her mystique was in many ways made by her mental unsteadiness. She was a beautiful swan wading across tumultuous waters and eventually got pulled down.

This project definitely captures that essence. The song is beautiful with a touch of sadness, as it reflects on the lost wanderers and broken hearts that can be found in Hollywood.

The audience wants to find the joy and predictability of a pop song with this record, but instead finds an eery shell of emotion layered with catchy melodies. Because, despite the darkness that can be found in Hollywood, there’s still an undeniable sense of magic in the air. And “Hollywood” perfectly captures that feeling.

“I myself have long wanted to escape to take the ‘normal’ path, knowing that truly dedicating myself to my dreams will throw me into a game of which I don’t know the rules and may not be able to learn them quickly enough to save myself. I, however, was destined for a beautiful tragedy or a happy ending. I’ve never been sure which one “ -Purcella

And so in large part, “Hollywood” is about never giving up on your goal and holding onto the belief that anything is possible. 



What’s unique about this song is that it was recorded in accapella, but later given a “country-type” percussion ensemble that turned a curve to edm, but not before embracing a variety of pop inspiration. My appalachian rotes came out at first, but then the festival girl took over, like she so often does in my songwriting process 🙂

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