ICE CREAM- Purcella

“Different flavors of ice cream represent different aspects of our personality… the ups and downs of our life that we face every day.”
The lyrics are playful and fun, yet sensual and gritty…giving your taste buds a ride!

Purcella said she’s particularly interested in using her platform to continue the conversation of women empowerment and women’s rights.

“There are a lot of female artists who are already addressing this, but the world can’t hear enough of it,” she said. “I want to be someone who shows women that they can and should be viewed with value – especially in the world of Hip Hop. We’re not just sexual objects. You can own your sexuality and have self-confidence and be OK with being bold and expressing that. Women like Beyonce and Rihanna are proving that. So I really want to be an artist who shakes things up. I want to challenge the Hip Hop community to accept more Pop influences and accept the positive impact this culture has on people who might not traditionally fit the look of the Hip Hop community. There are a lot of suburban white girls, like me, who have been inspired by Hip Hop music and want to be a part of the culture.”

Ice Cream PRESS below

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