ICE CREAM- Purcella “Different flavors of ice cream represent different aspects of our personality… the ups and downs of our life that we face every day.” -Purcella The lyrics are playful and fun, yet sensual and gritty…giving your taste buds a ride! Purcella said she’s particularly interested in using her platform to continue […]


#sayitwithsomelipstick “..PURCELLA’S MUSIC HAS ALWAYS BEEN A SOURCE OF STRENGTH AND EMPOWERMENT FOR WOMEN. …Her message is one of hope and courage, encouraging us to stand up for ourselves and fight for what we believe in. She is a true inspiration to all women, and her music will continue to empower us for years […]


VAMPIRE “Vampire” combines pop and gothic influences to create a unique and dark sound.  …you might find the political soliloquies as well as the lyrics dedicated to the daily battle we face with the light and the dark many embrace, some refrain Purcella is one of the leading artists in this new genre. Her music […]

Wait a Minute

“Wait a Minute” is a catchy and soulful track that is sure to get your mind moving. With its mix of R&B and pop elements, the song is sure to appeal to a wide range of listeners. So, if you’re in the mood for some dark yet tasteful music–with a bit of a twist, check […]

Tight Rope

Purcella was almost in love with a narcissist. It was the most intense, music-filled, story-like experience of her life.  Now she looks back on that time with a mix of sadness and relief. Sadness because she fell in love, and relief because she escaped before it was too late. If you’re thinking about falling. At […]

Stoopied Groupie

STOOPIED GROUPIE “There’s something about Purcella’s music that just gets under your skin. It can be the perfect way to express how you’re feeling, whether you’re happy, sad, angry, or anything in between.”  -Woozy The song reflects on how the woman always says bad things about her ex-partner, even though he may have treated her […]


Singer-songwriter Purcella brings the “limelight” of stardom, and the dreams of a young girl making her way in the music industry into fruition, by depicting the double-edged sword of seeking fame in her hit song “Hollywood,” as a dream that is fleeting yet ever-present. There’s something about Hollywood that just feels dreamy. Maybe it’s the […]


Rapper – Purcella The seedy scenes of hip hop + pop culture involving women, drugs, and riches have long been dominated by male figureheads dressed in their rapper personas. It was a world shaped by and for men– in which they let women play a small, predefined part. “Rapper” seeks to turn this narrative on […]